Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

Fall 2011

Kai started all day Kindergarten this year. He is doing well. We received his first report card and he got straight A+'s in all of the available categories. School isn't his most favorite thing, however he is doing well. Maybe over time he will enjoy it more. I love that Kai is going to school. I love hearing and seeing what he is learning. He is learning to write in cursive, he is adding and he comes home and tells me all about Christopher Columbus and the Equator. I love it! He learns all of these fun songs. And I get to have some alone time with Liam and my house is actually staying clean for half of the day.

Liam is so funny. Every day he makes me laugh. I just wish he was a little more cuddly. I have to get him down and tickle him to death just so I can get a hug from him. He loves to dance. We got this skeleton that plays the banjo for Halloween and Liam will bust a move to it. He looks like a hick from Arkansas jamming to the banjo. And then I have him dancing to the song "Dem Bones" (he is dancing in his underwear). It is so funny. Blackmail, when he's older.

Kai just had to be a worm for Halloween. I tried really hard to talk him out of it. I almost got him to be a cowboy. But he really wanted to be a worm. He wanted to be a worm because it was related to science. Last year he was a scientist. I'm wondering what he's going to make me make him next year.... The worm costume was really hard to make (it took three days), however it was so worth it! Kai kept telling me how much he loved it!!!

Liam on the other hand was very easy. He wanted to be a bee. I was going to make it, however I was walking in Target and I happen to see the cutest bumble bee costume. Then I noticed it was a costume meant for an XL dog! That is right, it was a dog costume. I thought about it for 2 days and then I went back and bought Liam and XL Bumble Bee Dog costume. :)