Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

Aaron, Kai and I are expecting a new addition to the family.

IT'S A BOY! Due September 20, 2008! We are very excited and we will keep you updated.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm about to veer away from my most favorite subject....Kai. This next subject is probably the next closest thing to the Simon Family's heart. The X-Files!
About 4 years ago Aaron came up to me and said someone lent him a copy of the first season of the X-files; "do you want to watch it?" I told him, not really...I don't like that sci-fi CRAP. Well, eventually he talked me into watching it and I loved it (we both loved it). But there was a problem, we only had the first season. What were we to do? (the DVD's were on the market but they were $150 a season). So, one day I was at work talking to one of the Tax managers. Her and I hadn't really spoken too much. I was telling her that we started watching the X-files and we loved it. I said I know that there is some crazy person out there that has all 8 seasons recorded on VHS. And she said, well...I am one of those crazy people. She had all 8 seasons recorded. She (Ellen) let Aaron and I watch all of them. We were obsessed. We would stay up all night watching them. We finished all 8 seasons in three months. That was the best bonding Aaron and I ever had (excluding the birth of our son). He he.

Well, that was four years ago. During that time we heard rumors that they were going to make another movie and we have waited, and waited, and waited. is here!!! July 25, 2008 the second X-files movie will be released. Not just Aaron and I, but the whole Simon Family, we are so excited July seams like forever away.